Mission Statement

Nonna Lena's is committed to providing our customers with products made with only the freshest ingredients. We are also ecologically aware which is why our containers are all recyclable and we recycle all waste and by-products from manufacturing. We have a world view, only buying produce from reputable distributors who care about their employees. Our products are all vegetarian and we accommodate to meet the needs of vegan diets as well. Our goal is to stay current in the ever-changing needs of the specialty food industry, to continue to improve quality, service and dependability. Buona Vita, Good life.

Nonna Lena's History

Nonna Lena's was founded in June of 1986, it is a small family run company. We started out with just one product, Pesto, but have expanded our line to 18 sauces, dips and dressings. The company was named after my husband's grandmother, Lina Pedrazzoli, of Sondrio Italy. She was born and raised in the Italian Alps. She came to America after a gentleman from her village sent for her to become his wife. Together they had a small family and lived happily in the San Francisco bay area. She was a fantastic cook and when it came time for "her favorite grandson" to marry, she insisted that I learn to prepare all of his favorite dishes and carry on the familia tradition. So comes the name "Nonna (for grandmother)Lena(her name in English)for my company. My name is Cynthia Timek, I am a mother of three, grandmother of five, former educator and hopeful artist. I enjoy creating new dishes, painting and travel. With a small business like mine I have the pleasure of doing all three. 8-)

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